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Who We Are

EPM is a ministry devoted to providing people with educational resources and affordable, user-driven tools in furtherance of their estate planning and overall financial stewardship.

“Our legacies are more than dollars and cents; a legacy is the totality of all we leave with the world when we depart, monetary assets, values, and hard earned wisdom. EPM believes that in accordance with Biblical Stewardship, every individual is obligated to actively develop and craft his or her legacy.”


What We Offer


#1 Education: EPM offers a variety of free educational resources designed to help individuals take an active role in their estate planning.  Our articles and frequently asked questions address a variety of issues and common concerns about estate planning and can help users decide what type of estate plan is best for them.


#2 ADAM: This advanced web-based platform allows users to select and create personalized legal estate planning documents.  ADAM is an affordable alternative to expensive legal services or generic cut-and-paste form documents.