Estate planning is not just creating a will or trust: it is a holist process that involves the law, the church, the family, and the community.

Who are EPM's sponsors?

Sponsors are churches and other organizations that wish to support the Estate Planning Ministry and to help ensure that the EPM's services and resources are available to the organizations members.

Why does EPM offer sponsors?

Estate planning campaigns designed to help their membership actively engage in estate planning and charitable giving. Discounted rates for the sponsor’s membership

How do Sponsors promote EPM?

As a practical matter, individuals often turn to their local church or other organization for advice on important life matters. Our sponsors take an active role in helping to ensure their member's estates are planned properly. EPM provides resources, print materials, and other information and resources to customers and potentially users. Sponsors are responsible for the distribution of this material to their membership base.

Cost of Sponsorship

In exchange for the benefits each sponsor receives, sponsors contribute a monthly fee to EPM. Sponsorship fees accrue monthly and are tiered based on the size of the sponsor's membership base or number of average attendees.

For more information about pricing, please contact [email protected]