What if I do not want to complete all forms under a purchased bundle?

If a user does not complete and submit all legal forms in a bundle, the user will not receive the form in the final legal document package mailed to his or her home.  Each user must click a simple acknowledgement that the user has completed all forms the user intends to complete.  This is an additional layer of protection for each user.

What shipping options are available?

The shipping options are listed at the time of checkout.  The delivery time is subject to the carrier’s performance and is not guaranteed by EPM.  Additionally, the delivery time does not include the processing time for your shipment.  See “What is the turnaround time once I complete my Package?” below for additional information on processing time.

What is the turnaround time once I complete my Package?

Once a user (or users in the case of a married couple) has completed all the forms in the purchased bundle that he, she, or they intends to complete, the user will certify completion on the “Account” page (accessed by clicking the “Account” tab in the top right corner of the EPM website) through the “Acknowledgement of Completion of all Forms” section.  EPM will then print and assemble all forms that the user(s) have submitted under this account, typically within three business days. The forms will then be shipped in accordance with the shipping method the customer selected at checkout.

What is included in the Package I will receive in the Mail?

The package includes the form documents you complete under the bundle you purchased, directions on execution, and other additional information.

What is EPM’s Refund Policy?

EPM has a no refunds policy.  All purchases are final.  If you purchased a bundle and decide you wish to change to a different bundle (for example if you purchase the Married couple - Last Will and Testament bundle, and later decide you want the Revocable Living Trust bundle prior to submitting the bundle), EPM may allow you to change your package at an additional cost on a case by case basis.  Any such decision is at EPM’s sole and absolute discretion.