Can I use a smartphone or tablet with the EPM website?

Yes, the EPM website is mobile and tablet optimized.  A registered user can login on any device that has internet access.  However, because the form tools require the user to type in answers to a number of questions, it is strongly recommended that users completing any legal form do so on a computer, rather than a phone or tablet.

Do I need internet access in order to use the EPM website & form tools?

Yes.  Internet access is required.  Please be aware that although EPM’s website contains security measures for each user’s protection, it is each user’s responsibility to only access the EPM website through a secure internet connection.  A public internet connection (such as at a coffee shop, airport, hotel, restaurant, mall or public library) is more vulnerable to interception of your information while you are on the public wifi.  This is true regardless of what website you are accessing while using public wifi.  For more information, see: